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Horacio Bergero

Founder & Partner


Brings extensive expertise in Operations, Maintenance and Energy Management. Expert on industrial management worldwide given by his different roles as Manufacturing Director at Tenaris and Ternium. His responsibility as TenarisUniversity Director allows us also to support customers in HR development projects.

Alfredo Lemos

Founder & Partner


Focuses on leading Maintenance and Energy Management projects. His wide experience as Maintenance Manager at Tenaris and Ternium is a key element to support our clients to achieve excellence. 

Humberto Romañuk 

Founder & Partner


Brings deep knowledge of maintenance in complex and highly automatized processes. His role as Maintenance Manager at Tenaris, Ternium and Techint gave him the right capabilities to help our customers solve specific problems.

Meet the team


We are consultants with more than 30-years experience in different areas and industries. We founded Enerkey Consulting in 2016 and have been supporting companies globally ever since.

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