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Our industry consulting services provide our customers with a deep understanding of their current situation in terms of Maintenance, Operations and Energy Management and offer recommendations mainly for improving machines reliability and utilization, reducing costs and waste, and increasing energy consumption efficiency. 

                                      A deep analysis is performed during the time defined with our customers with the goal to find                                         all the improvement opportunities in different areas: Maintenance, Operations and/or Energy                                           Management, depending on our clients' needs. 
                                      The Maintenance Assessment generally includes the following topics:
  • Maintenance structure and organization

  • Preventive maintenance 

  • Predictive maintenance

  • Maintenance engineering

  • Effectiveness of the emergency maintenance

  • Efficacy of scheduled repairs

  • Workshops' management

  • Spare parts and subsets scheme

  • Current maintenance systems and level of exploitation

  • Warehouses' management

  • TPM development

  • Efficacy on Maintenance HR management (hiring, development, training and motivation)

  • and more!


In the case of the Operation Assessment, the aspects analyzed are the ones below:

  • Time Management Model implemented

  • Equipment effectiveness and KPIs related

  • Current production scheduling 

  • Changeover performance

  • Labor organization

  • Current industry costs model and its standards 

  • Kaizen implementation

  • Efficacy on Operations HR management (hiring, development, training and motivation)

  • and more! 

For the Energy Management Assessment, we analyze the global model which includes the following aspects:

  • Annual consumptions for each energy vector

  • Measurement systems across the entire plant

  • Organization and responsibilities associated

  • Energy consumption KPIs and reports

  • Energy standards 

  • Improvement plans for energy savings

  • and more!

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Qualitative Assessment 
Cost Assessment 360°
                                       The Cost Assessment is a systematic methodology used to identify all cost reduction                                                      opportunities, prioritize between different topics/areas, facilitate benchmarks between plants                                          and understand the minimum cost a plant can operate at the current technology level.
                                       The topics evaluated during this assessment are:
  • Material efficiency by line and/or production system

  • Time efficiency, including changeover, operative/maintenance stoppages, production speed, reworks, others

  • Claims related to production received from customers

  • Over stock, including work-in-process, tooling and raw materials

  • Labor optimization in case of sub utilized manpower

  • Internal movements by product type in all stations

  • Energy by vector and consumption type

  • Maintenance, including workshop management and emergency, scheduled and preventive maintenance

  • Environment expenses

  • Over consumption related to operations and logistics 

We help our clients moving beyond the recommendations and implementing the improvementopportunities discovered during the assessment.
We work side-by-side with our customers in order to achieve significant results.
Support during implementation 
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General support
We offer assistance on any specific issue that our customers are experiencing in the industry management. We are able to adapt to the needs of our clients and provide them with tailored solutions.
We have a strong network of people specialized in diverse areas and industries.
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